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"The Best Part Is...
Anyone Can Do This,
Including You!"

From: Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro
Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016
RE: Post on a Forum, and Make Money?

Dear Warrior,

I want you to stop and think for a second, if just one web site can change your life... is it possible?

If you aren't making money, you don't have a product, and you can't find any buyers to save your life... could ONE single web site turn that all around?

It sounds silly, but for thousands of marketers, and maybe even you, this one web site is responsible for more success stories and online profits than anywhere else... and it's called the Warrior Forum.

In fact, I want to show you how you can put down just 40 bucks into this forum, and pull out thousands... over and over again.

It started one summer over a decade ago. I was a teenager in high school. I felt stuck. I only had a couple years of high school left.

I knew that I would end up going to college, getting that degree, then working a 9-5 job for the next several decades... stuck in a cubicle, where my hours weren't my own...

I couldn't come and go as I pleased, and I had to follow "the rules."

Sound familiar?

Of course it does... you're here because you don't want to follow those boring rules, you want to make your own path and get PAID what you're really worth, without putting in any time or work.

Warrior Secret #1:
Write Your Own Paycheck

What did I do? I searched around the internet (we didn't even have Google at the time) for ways to make money.

I found dozens of hypey sales letters, articles, and even forums before I stumbled onto the "right" website.

Within the first day of arriving, I knew this place was different... that this was no ordinary marketing forum.

Warrior Secret #2:
Hang Around Successful People

I realized that I instantly had access to people that not only had successful full time internet business (I like wanted) -- but they were real people.

Every few minutes I learned something new about list building, making products, and getting traffic from each and every forum post. This was a gold mine.

One thing I noticed was that the same people were posting over and over again... and as I asked questions, or replied to their posts, we became friends.

I created my first few products with some of these friends. You might still recognize their names on the Warrior Forum today as some of the world's most successful internet marketers.

But the BIGGEST surprise of all was yet to come... keep reading...

I still that afternoon in "statistics" class, senior year of high school, when I checked the computer to see how one of these launches had progressed.

Here I was, a 17 year old who couldn't drive, didn't own a credit card, or even have a college diploma... and I realized that we had made...


It was a successful launch. The only downside was that I had to split the profits with two other marketers... but at that age, the money was life-changing.

I knew I would never "need" a real job. I knew I would never have to beg or borrow money from anyone ever again.

But I also started thinking... just as you might... what if I could launch a new product and not have to split the money with anyone else?

"I Own A Lot Of His Info Products"

Robert is an excellent PHP programmer, and I own a lot of the info products that he's written on the topic.

Willie Crawford

"Increased My Earnings Online"

I have a lot of sites on the net and make a living in internet marketing and have always had to pay some one like Robert to build and make alterations to my sites so the simplicity of some of your ebook took me by surprise.

[The advice given in your infoproducts] is the first step in saving me a great deal of time (and Money) and helping me to increase my earnings on line.

Robert Puddy

I realized after the fact, that not only had I met these marketers on the Warrior Forum, but most of their BUYERS came from the Warrior Forum as well.

That's right!

Warrior Secret #3:
You Are Surrounded... By Buyers!

That's the beauty of this community... you get the training, the market research, AND the buyers, all in one place.

Since that first launch, I have launched my own reports, software products, videos, membership sites, and training courses to the Warrior Forum.

And guess what... EVERY single launch has made money.

Have you ever put something out there that didn't make money? Do you know someone who lost money because he had the "wrong" marketing strategy?

Probably. But the great thing about the internet is it costs almost nothing to get started... and when you LISTEN to what the Warrior Forum tells you, you can make money over and over again by selling your own information, services, and training to these people.

And they'll love you for it!

Warrior Secret #4:
Repeat What Makes Money

I launched over and over again on the forum. Every launch made me money, and the launches became bigger every time.

I began selling my own infoproducts to pay rent, pay for school, pay for my car... and so on. When I needed more money, I knew where to get it.

Think about how powerful that is for a second. Do you think you could walk into your boss's office and ask for another 500 bucks? 1000 bucks? 5000 bucks, for no reason at all? Of course not.

But on the Warrior Forum, you just launch a new product!

The Warrior Forum Is All You Need:
Training, Audience, Marketplace

When I was getting started, I posted 115 different Warrior Special Offers, and "bumped" 74 more -- in just a single year I've posted 52 separate WSO's.

To date, I've paid Allen Says $3,759.46 in $20 and $40 increments... gladly... and made many TIMES my money back.

Keep in mind this was when I had a day job and was using the Warrior Forum to put myself through school!

The Warrior Forum is responsible for:

  • My first 5000 email subscribers
  • My first $1000 month
  • My first $5000 month
  • My first $10,000 month
  • My first $25,000 month
  • Almost every successful joint venture I've ever had

How did I do it? How did I repeat it? Is it all really this easy?

It Really Is That Easy!
All You Need to Do Is...

  1. Find a need on the forum -- easy when I tell you what to look for
  2. Create a quick infoproduct solving it -- that people can't find for free on the forum
  3. Launch it in the "Warrior Special Offer" marketplace, where people are LOOKING to be sold -- there is almost no other place on the internet like this!

That's right -- Warriors are LOOKING for you to sell to them.

Any way you look at it, you need ADVERTISING to get people to come to your web site. No advertising, no visitors, no buyers.

The good news is there are lots of cheap and even free methods of advertising -- hundreds of places and ways to do it -- but that's also the problem.

Many Of Those Traffic Methods
Don't Work And Don't Convert...
For Example...

If you advertise on Facebook, you're advertising to people who are looking to see how their friends are doing, or they're playing their favorite game.

Are they really looking to buy an information product? Probably not.

What about search engine pay-per-click? You're targeting people who are looking for a quick and free answer to a problem. Are they looking to buy an information product? Also, probably not.

But the Warrior Forum has a special area where you can post your offer -- it's called the Warrior Special Offer section.

People who come here are LITERALLY looking to be sold. They visit, thinking to themselves, what should I buy today?

Where else can you find visitors like this, anywhere on the Internet? NOWHERE. There is literally NOTHING like the Warrior Special Offer forum.

And THAT means... there's tons of competition.

How Can You Be Sure
You Stand Out From The
Other People Marketing
On The WSO Forum
And Make Money?

  • How do you find a need on the forum?
  • How do you convert that into a product?
  • How can you make sure your product makes money?

I want to guarantee you profit from the Warrior Forum as easily and quickly as possible, and you'll discover this in my brand new how-to guide called:

Warrior Profits:
How Anyone Can Make Money
from the Warrior Special Offer Forum

Inside this 80-minute audio recording, complete with a 30-page PDF transcript for easy reference, Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro discuss how you can make money from the Warrior Forum within the next few hours, including...

  • Exactly why forum traffic better is than any other traffic method you've ever seen... if you do it right!
  • Why the Warrior Forum is your "instant testimonial machine" to ensure your next offer is filled with proof
  • Why the "community factor" of the Warrior Forum is only the tip of the iceberg as far as your business
  • How I used the Warrior Forum to build a responsive mailing list from scratch and how you can do it too in a fraction of the time!
  • How to use the Warrior Forum to test your marketplace and practically guarantee every product you launch makes tons of sales
  • Why the WSO forum converts better than pay-per-click, Facebook, or any other traffic source... FINALLY revealed, and what it means for you!
  • The blueprint to compete against big name gurus even if YOU have no proof or expertise...

"He Goes The Extra Mile To Give His Customers Out Of The Box Info!"

Mary Murtha We all know that his products are great, but he goes the extra mile to give his customers/readers out of the box info! And just think, most of his stuff is at a very low cost!

Great job Robert, and thanks for sharing with all of us!

Mary Murtha

Give Me Access to Warrior Profits Now

Warrior Forum Secret Promotion Strategies

Getting started really is as easy as hitting a few buttons, but you need to avoid the biggest roadblocks that KILL most Warrior Special Offers. Such as...

  • The right time of day to post a WSO... this holds SO MANY marketers back!
  • How to market to ANY forum without pitching and getting kicked off... THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • Precisely how much value to contribute before posting that special offer... supply too much or too little and it could kill you offer forever
  • What to know to avoid getting banned from the Warrior Forum (don't make the same mistake thousands of others have!)
  • When you should email your subscriber list and them BACK to the warrior forum... and when you shouldn't! (the answer will surprise you)
  • What are repeated one day launches?
  • What does it mean to bump a WSO, and should I always bump or just close and re-open the offer?
  • What "hidden gems" of the Warrior Forum you should be using outside of the WSO forum to get more mileage from your content such as blogs and articles
  • How to contribute to the warrior forum without being a "me too" marketer, and why this could mean the difference between a $50 WSO and a $5000 WSO

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Warrior Forum Instant Product Tactics

You know how easy and fun it can be to post a WSO, but what do you sell on this forum? Should it be cheap or expensive? What niche? What topic? I'll answer all of these issues and more...

  • How do I figure out my area of expertise?
  • How you'll figure out exactly what "hot topic" to market to that forum to guarantee a flood of sales each and every time
  • The perfect price point for a WSO... this isn't what you think, and DOESN'T apply outside of the Warrior Forum!
  • What kinds of things should I offer in my WSOs? (how many pages, screenshots, videos)
  • Why the interview model is flawed -- I'll give you a far better way to create your WSO product
  • How to use the same time and energy you're already putting into the forum to make a product... this way it doesn't cost you any time or money to do it!
  • Should I discount my price in a WSO like I see everyone else doing?
  • A way to still make money even on the off-change that WSO completely bombs -- it happens to the best of us, but we STILL make money even from failures!

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"My Hard Drive Is Full Of His Products That I've Bought!"

Donna Maher Robert Plank is just a doggone nice guy. Anything that Robert creates is top quality, I know, because my hard drive is full of his products and creations that I've bought.

He is an easy-to-follow teacher who doesn't talk gibberish you can't understand but rather renders his tutorials in easy English that nearly anyone can understand.

He takes his time, he gives you understandable examples he's just amazing, IMHO.

Donna Maher

Sales Letter Secrets & Delivery Technology

At this point in your "Warrior Profits" training, you know how to promote your offer, and what offer to give... but what do you put in the thread (and on your web page) to convince people to buy?

Big Hint: You'll sell a lot more copies of that ebook, video, membership, or service you're providing -- IF you tell them what they're getting, instead of posting a simple payment button like most marketers do.

  • The difference between a regular sales letter and my WSO sales letter... and how you can whip up a WSO even if you can't make a sales letter to save your life
  • The litmus test to figure out if you're giving away enough information... or TOO MUCH information!
  • What do all the successful WSOs have in their headline and opener text that the "failed" WSOs miss each and every time?
  • How to you automate download delivery of your product or service in three easy steps
  • How you will use the WSO forum to get joint venture partners and affiliates to promote my offer even after the launch is over... this means AUTOMATIC INCOME for you!

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